The Cinderella Matrix

Cindira Tieg may be the most brilliant programmer who's ever lived, but her talents are wasted. All her stepmother wants is for her to clean The Kingdom's code. But in digging through the virtual world's digital dirt, Cindira unearths the secrets the real world has hidden. Every dark truth brings to light more questions: 

Was her mother's death really an accident?

Who is trying to kill the Prince of the Global Alliance for Intelligent Arbitration?

Can they be stopped? 


Cindira's not sure she can save the world or unravel every mystery, but she may be the only one can decode it.

She has the power.

All she has to do is play the game.

series information

  • Authored by Kendrai Meeks.

  • Three novella series.

  • Book One released November 2018. Book Three released November 2019.

  • As of October 2017, available electronically exclusively from Amazon (for purchase or via Kindle Unlimited). Available as well in print.

  • Cover design by Mario Lampic. TNP has retained licenses for the use of RFA where required.

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