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Gerwalta "Geri" Kline may have been named after her infamous ancestor, but she has no plans to follow in Little Red's footsteps, either has a werewolf hunter or as a betrayer executed for her crimes. In fact, she wants nothing to do with hoods at all. So she leaves behind her domineering mother, soft-hearted father, and the heartache of a recent breakup and heads for the big city.

In Chicago, life is normal. For a while, anyways. Soon enough Geri learns that you can run away from your family, but you can never run away from yourself. 

Or, apparently, werewolves.

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  • Authored by Kendrai Meeks.

  • Five installments, plus a prequel novella.

  • Book One released June 2017. Book five released November 2019.

  • Available as well in print and audio.

  • Cover Art by MIBL. Cover design on prequel by TheLastTK. TNP has retained licenses for the use of RFA where required.

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