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I refuse this life. I refuse this legacy. I will not become a wolf-killer.

Humans think Little Red Riding Hood is nothing more than a fairytale, but we hoods know better. We despise the woman who committed the darkest sin one of our kind can: falling in love with a werewolf and becoming his mate. The fairy tale didn’t end the way you’ve been told. Unless you’ve heard the version in which Little Red was roasted on a silver spit over a fire, that is.

And I almost walked down that same path. But in losing the werewolf I loved, I also realized the kind of person I want to be. That’s why I’ve turned my back on my heritage, denied my birthright. I will not hate werewolves just because they’re werewolves. I will not train to contain them, dominate them, and if I so choose, kill them. In fact, I refuse to be a hood at all. 

I’ve walked away from my old life.

And that was going great... until an English werewolf on the run walked into my new one.


Dive into a fresh twist on the classic fairy tale. Start your journey through the Red Hood Chronicles today.

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